Compliance meets gaming


PixelPai and White Label Games team up to bring you the best in advergames

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with WhiteLabel Games 🎮 Gamification Solutions for Businesses! As a leading Web2 gaming studio, WhiteLabel Games designs games that offer an interactive and engaging way for audiences to connect with brands, evoking positive emotions and memories that traditional ads often fail to achieve.

By joining forces with PixelPai, WhiteLabel Games can ensure full compliance with regulations and gain early access to our upcoming platform and wallet, complete with exciting Web3 features. This collaboration allows Founder and CEO, Ash Rahman, and his team to focus exclusively on creating interactive, fun games that subtly integrate brand messaging without worrying about regulatory compliance.

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation with Ash, where we discuss the future of advergames and the incredible benefits this partnership will bring to the gaming landscape:

How do you see the role of compliance in the future of advergames and digital marketing?

“We view compliance as an opportunity to build a stronger, trust-based relationship with our audience. With growing data scrutiny and regulations like GDPR and CCPA, secure and transparent data practices are a must.

In the context of advergames, compliance spans a wide spectrum- from respecting users’ privacy and data rights to ensuring that game content is suitable for the target audience. In line with this, our advergames are designed to maintain accountability and maximum compliance. We request users’ consent before collecting any data, and it’s strictly for improving the user experience and meeting the client’s marketing goals. Moreover, we actively turn away clients who propose any unethical business practices. Instead, we welcome regulatory frameworks as they serve to increase trust and transparency in our industry. This, in turn, can help boost the acceptance and effectiveness of advergames as a valid marketing strategy.”

What core values guide WhiteLabel’s approach, and how does the collaboration with PixelPai align with these principles?

“Our core values at WhiteLabel Games are trust and transparency, creativity and innovation, quality and excellence, and respect for privacy. We strive to offer engaging and innovative solutions by integrating branding elements into our games, delivering high-quality experiences that achieve marketing objectives, all while maintaining user privacy and compliance.

PixelPai provides services that make regulatory complexity manageable and strategic. This aligns well with our value of respecting privacy, as we can assure our clients that all data is being handled in a fully compliant manner.”

Read our full interview here.

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