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Morten Rongaard


Morten is globally recognized as an NFT OG, having foreseen the transformative impact of NFTs and digital assets. He has worked with companies like FIFA, BBC Studios, Pro Cycling,ITV Studios and many more in shaping the strategy and creating projects using web3.

Morten focus on the ecosystem of Web4, where technology meets trust and transparency and are recognized for his ability to demystify the complexities of Web4, helping and educating brands and companies for the new opportunities and potential.
In his daily work, Morten is deeply involved in collaborative efforts that redefine interactions with digital assets and money, offering his expertise to a wide range of sectors from fintech to gaming.

His commitment to knowledge-sharing and empowering others is evident in his role as a keynote speaker and serving on boards like Nordic Blockchain Association and Asia Web3 Alliance Japan board member, where he consistently advocates for a tech-driven world that's open to all.



He likes to work with interesting people with a common vision. His Expertise: More than 25 years in financial and professional services providing expert advise to large companies around transformation, risk management and compliance, adapting to new regulation and technology. Industry Expertise: Banking, Insurance, Energy, Government, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Transportation and Infrastructure. Global leadership: Project experience in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, United States, and Middle East. Interested in DAOs, DeFi, network organizations, and DLT/Blockchain and generative AI, very curious how these technologies will take us into the Age of Infinity.



He is the CEO of Templafy and one of the company’s early investors and supervisory board chairmen. He started his career as a lawyer but soon moved to the telco industry in the land grab times where he was involved in bidding for mobile licenses and setting up green field operations around Europe. Later, Jesper was CEO and served on supervisory boards of telco’s in various countries. Jesper now dedicates most of his time on the Software-as-a-Service start-up scene as an investor, advisor and board member.



Fritz Henglein's research interests are in semantic, logical and algorithmic aspects of programming languages, specifically type inference, type-based program analysis, algorithmic functional programming and domain-specific languages, and the application of programming language technology, presently in enterprise systems (Project 3gERP and health care process modeling (Project TrustCare). After undergraduate studies at Technische Universität München, he obtained his Ph.D. from Rutgers University and joined New York University, Utrecht University and DIKU, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. After starting Hafnium ApS to keep the Y2K bug at bay and being on the start-up faculty of the IT University of Copenhagen to increase IT proficiency, he rejoined DIKU as professor with special duties in programming languages. He is now head of the algorithms and programming languages group at DIKU. His goal is to contribute to the development of software that comes with technical and legal guarantees of having no defects (which should be considered a very modest ambition indeed).n his daily work.

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