PixelPai and Punk Secrets join forces to tackle Web3 compliance

We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Punk Secrets, a towering force in the Web3 space. Formerly known as Punks2023 and Secrets of The World, and led by Maria Liv Andersen and her Dev partner of The Secret World Gaming Studio, Chris Nwasike, Punk Secrets represents the powerful blend of originality and imagination in the world of digitalart and gaming.

As their compliance partner, we at PixelPai are committed to ensuring that Punk Secrets can continue to innovate free from worry of impending regulations like MiCA. Our partnership aims to help Punk Secrets navigate the regulatory landscape, allowing them to focus on what they do best – building their community and creating value for their holders. We believe in making compliance a fuel for creativity, not a barrier.

To kick off our partnership, we interviewed Liv and Chris for valuable insights. Here’s a sneak peek:

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into Web3 and how you came to be involved with Punks2023 and The Secret World?

“I entered the Web3 space in late 2021, initially investing in an NFT collection created by a friend. By the summer of 2023, I discovered Punk2023 and was drawn to its vibrant community and transparent team. I eventually became a moderator and later the community manager. In March 2024, the founders of Punks2023 approached me and asked if I would like to take over the project, impressed by the rapid progress I had made with Secrets of The World. By April 2024, Punks2023 and Secrets of The World had merged into what we now know as Punk Secrets.”

How do you envision Punk Secrets contributing to the Web3 ecosystem’s evolution?

“At Punk Secrets, we aim to foster genuine, experience-driven communities, prioritizing sustainable, value-driven products that inspire trust and stability in the Web3 space. We aspire to inspire others to adopt similar values, offering utility beyond financial speculation. If successful, we hope our model, focusing on cost-effective web-based games for communities, will be emulated, offering an alternative to building SaaS products or elaborate 3D games, while delivering comparable hype and value.”

 How does partnering with PixelPai assist in balancing the creative and compliance aspects of running these projects?

“Balancing creativity and compliance is a tough one. While I have a legal background, navigating how current and upcoming regulations affect what we’re building has been challenging. Meeting PixelPai lifted a burden from my shoulders, as they provide expertise in compliance, allowing me to focus on creativity and community engagement. Compliance not only builds trust but also ensures long-term viability and legitimacy in the Web3 landscape.”

Join the Punk Secrets community on Discord.

Read the second part of our interview. 

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